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New Potash Products Reflect Nutritional Trends

Some of the newest products at Potash Markets reflect the latest trends in food and nutrition. We have recently added several lines of products that are designed for a Keto diet. We have a wide range of products including sauces, snacks, protein bars and beverages that are formulated to meet the needs of those on the keto and paleo diets.

If you are not familiar with it, the keto (or ketogenic) diet emphasizes protein and fat while minimizing carbohydrates and added sugars. It is named after ketosis, the metabolic state by which your body uses fat for its caloric burn rather than just carbs. Similarly, the paleo diet is an eating plan that emphasizes whole foods and eliminates grains, legumes and most processed foods in order to improve health. Both diets also have a lifestyle component that focuses on wellness practices and exercise.

Our line-up includes Nush Foods, Salt Lake City, Utah, which makes cakes, cookies and pancake mixes that are low in sugar and processed carbs and enhanced with flax seed. Under the Revol Snax brand we have several flavors of bite-sized snack cakes which fit keto and paleo and are vegan. If that’s not enough we also have keto-friendly candies from the Keto Wise brand. They are made with a chocolate-like coating, and have no net carbs, but offer fat and more than 100 calories of energy per servings. Keto Gummies from the Kiss My Keto brands, have a very specific function—they offer 47% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber from just under an ounce of little gummy bears.

You will find a nice selection of these and other keto-related food at the front end of aisle 7.

Our bakery department is always on the lookout for bakeries that can add to the variety of breads we offer at the store. Recently we added sprouted grain breads from Angelic Bakehouse. Sprouted grain breads are different from those that are all-flour because they include the whole grain with all its nutrition. Angelic, a socially-conscious company in Cudahy Wis., sprouts its own grains for its products fresh presses them into the dough to add nutrition and flavor. The sliced sandwich bread we carry include sprouted multigrain, in regular and low-sodium formulas, and sprouted rye breads. We also currently carry burger buns and pizza crusts, along with toast crisps in a variety of flavors. Look for the colorful display near our produce bins and watch for product additions. Potash has been serving your community for 70-years, but you can always find something new. Come on in and ask us to show you the latest.


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