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Item Spotlight 10/1/19

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee out of San Francisco, California, is moving into Chicago with a bang! They specialize in blends of several beans from around the world. Philz sources their beans from farms that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. They also donate a portion of their profits to food4farmers, which helps support coffee farmers around the world. Philz is opening cafes in Chicago, but you can also get those same blends that set Philz apart at Potash Markets now.

Kiki’s Mind Your Mouth Mustards

Kiki’s has really created something new with their line of unique mustards. Kiki’s sets itself apart with chickpeas in every jar. Chickpeas give the mustards a unique, hearty mouthfeel. Chickpeas are also a great source of protein and fiber. Their, “OG,” product is Flustered Mustard, which includes horseradish, garlic, and savory spices. Kiki’s also has a Smokey Peppers Mustard Dip for your veggies, and Taste Bud Terminator, for those craving the heat of both wasabi and habanero peppers. Though these mustards do great on a hotdog, they can do so much more. Try them on steak, veggies… they can even replace the sauce on your homemade pizza! Mind your mouth with these offerings, now available at Potash Markets!

Outlaw Energy

Outlaw Energy is a new energy drink by Jason Aldean. Outlaw has everything you want from your energy drink: plenty of natural caffeine, an energizing mix of vitamins, and more electrolytes than the leading sports drink. Outlaw Energy comes in both low calorie (90 per 16 oz. can) and zero calorie offerings in several flavors each. Beyond all that, these things are very tasty. This is a hard working drink for hard working people. Freedom calls. Answer it with an Outlaw Energy at Potash Market!

Callipo Tuna

Callipo is a small company established in Pizzo in Calabria, Italy, in 1913. Their mission has been, “Quality First,” from the start, and it absolutely shows in their products. Potash now carries their canned and jarred fish products. Make no mistake; this is no ordinary canned tuna fish. The Yellowfin tuna used is harvested, selected, and canned in Italy in quality olive oil. The whole pieces of tuna you find in these cans are a delight for any seafood enthusiast. Check out their website for impressive recipes for these fish.

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