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    Potash has teamed up with Mercato, an online delivery service. Browse our inventory from home on any device, and schedule and order for delivery! It's easy, fast, and very user friendly. Give it a try today, and get $10 off your first order.

    The delivery fee depends on your distance from the store, starting at $5.99.

Phone Orders

    Call between 8 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Friday, to speak to one of our personal shoppers. Give them a list of your needs, and get Potash delivered right to your door.

    We charge a convenience fee of $12.00 for phone orders, and a delivery fee of $7.00. If your total is over $200.00, the delivery fee is waved. 

To order, call us at:

1525 North Clark Street Location: (312) 337-7537

875 North State Street Location: (312) 266-4200

Just ask for a phone order!

Delivery All Day​

    If you prefer to do the shopping yourself, you can get your groceries delivered after you shop. Potash has now teamed up with a number of delivery services, allowing us to deliver quickly all day. Anything you check out with between when we open and 6 PM can be delivered.

    The delivery fee is $7.00. If your total is over $200.00, the delivery fee is waved.


    Potash offers catering from our kitchen. From sandwich platters to fully prepared beef tenderloins, Potash's kitchen has you covered. Head over to our catering page to see the menu and how to place an order.

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