All About a Cheesy Weekend

… and You Can Win a Wheel of Cheese! You may have heard of a golf or a tennis invitational, but probably not a cheesemonger Invitational. There really is such an event, however, and because of that event, you have a chance to win a full wheel of one of the best artisan cheeses in America, simply by stopping by the cheese counter at our State Street store and putting your name and contact info in a box. On a rainy weekend a couple weeks back I participated in The Cheesemonger Invitational, a nationally-recognized event supported by the entire North American artisan cheese community in an effort to help cheesemongers become more knowledgeable and allow them to show off their skills. This was t

New Items Spotlight 5/7/2019

RAFT Syrups RAFT is a line of small batch, craft syrups for mixing cocktails and sodas. Made in Portland, Oregon, these mixers are made from 100% organic cane sugar. These little bottles will go a long way, as they're packed with flavor: use sparingly! Get inspired with cocktail recipes on their website here. Tsuki Professional Ramen Bases This lineup of Professional Ramen Bases, made in Japan, bring your ramen dishes to the level of a top restaurant. Dilute to your desired consistency, these flavors will cling gracefully to your noodles. Pair this with one of our many options of ramen noodle brands, and throw those salt-lick flavor packets in the trash. This is how ramen was meant to be. Ca

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