New Potash Products Reflect Nutritional Trends

Some of the newest products at Potash Markets reflect the latest trends in food and nutrition. We have recently added several lines of products that are designed for a Keto diet. We have a wide range of products including sauces, snacks, protein bars and beverages that are formulated to meet the needs of those on the keto and paleo diets. If you are not familiar with it, the keto (or ketogenic) diet emphasizes protein and fat while minimizing carbohydrates and added sugars. It is named after ketosis, the metabolic state by which your body uses fat for its caloric burn rather than just carbs. Similarly, the paleo diet is an eating plan that emphasizes whole foods and eliminates grains, legume

New Cheeses from a New Creamery

We love offering brand new products at our full service cheese department at the State Street Potash Markets. Offering new cheeses from a brand new creamery is doubly exciting, and last week we had the chance to do just that with two cheeses from Blakesville Creamery in Port Washington, Wis. Blakesville, located along the shore of Lake Michigan, just a few minutes north of Milwaukee, was developed on the site of a former cow’s milk operation. The farm is milking about 900 goats, mostly Saanen and Alpine breeds which produce high quality milk. In order to maximize value, the owners built a creamery from the ground up, to the specifications of veteran cheesemaker Veronica Pedraza who directs c

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