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Vin Italy 2019 & Pitars

This year, our Director of Wine and Spirits, John Reed, attended, “Vin Italy” again. "Vin Italy," is an international wine competition and expo held in Verona every year since 1967, and is the largest wine show in the world. Called the, “most important convention of domestic and international wines,” by Rick Steves, it is always an honor to have our experts attend. This year, Mr. Reed was able to meet with some great producers and developed relationships that we can't wait to see grow and flourish. John is very excited to share his findings with us about Pitars, a producer we have worked with for some time, but has recently won a very prestigious award.

Pitars Winery is Named for the Pittaro Family. The name, “Pitars,” denotes the brothers that stand behind the winery who have cultivated wine on their land generation after generation. Tucked into the north eastern corner of Italy in Friuli, Pitars works on 120 hectares of the San Martino vineyards. Producing a wide range of varietals, from Cabernet and Pinot Grigio to Glera and Friulano. Pitars has always produced quality wine, but their 2018 Sauvignon Blanc is now among their most prized.

On March 17th in Dusseldorf, Germany at Prowein’s international tasting, Pitars Savignon Blanc was rated the best in Italy and top 6 in the world. Of more than 1000 white wines from over 26 countries tasted by 73 judges, Pitars won outstanding points and privilege. Potash is overjoyed to be able to purvey this wine.

John’s Tasting notes for Pitars Sauvignon Blanc: Bright acidity and citrus fruit greet your nose with this light straw colored Sauvignon. Medium bodied up front with lemon, grapefruit, and almost no greenness. The acidity fades and the fruit shows a bit more with some light tropical elements far off. Mild acidity lingers and the fruit fades almost completely in its medium length finish. Overall, this wine is outstanding, complex, bright, and leaves you wanting more. This wine is strong enough to be served alone and, like all Italian wines, craves food. I would pair a rich and buttery fish with this wine, salty cheeses, or a cream based soup. I can’t wait for you to try this wine as well and experience a beautiful part of Italy.

Keep an eye out for it in our wine departments, coming soon!

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