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New Items 1/16/2019

Powell & Mahoney Mixers

Potash is now carrying Powell & Mahoney Cocktail mixers. Featuring several Bloody Mary, Margarita, and Belini mixes, Powell & Mahoney is now our premium, local option for our customers. All of their mixers are sweetned with cane sugar or agave, are completely gluten free, and use premium ingredients to insure a top quality cocktail every time.

Health Warrior Muffins

Health Warrior Protein Mug Muffins are perfect for any athlete on the go. Pop the cup in the microwave, and in one minute, you have a high protein, low sugar, freshly cooked muffin to power you through your day. These muffins have 12g of quality plant based protein in every cup. They're delicious too! Skip the donuts, and have hearty breakfast your body will thank you for.


The Grandpa Soap Co.

Potash Markets State Street is now selling Body Cleansers from The Grandpa Soap Company. Hardworking, simple and pure ingredients are the heart of their natural soap making tradition.

Gift Cards

Both our 875 North State and 1525 North Clark locations now sell gift cards!

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