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New Item Spotlight 08/02/18

Shenandoah Valley Organics Farmer Focused Chicken

At Shenandoah Valley Organic, sustainable farming combines tradition, innovation, and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships, resulting in a good quality of life for all involved. Every package of this chicken has a code that allows you to trace your chicken back to the farm it was raised on. All SV Organic chicken is Certified Humane, Verified Non-GMO, USDA Organic, and Free Range. When you buy SV Organic Farmer Focused Chicken, you are supporting local farmers that care about their livestock.

Natural Orange Wines

Potash Markets on State Street now carries a selection of natural orange wines. Also known as 'skin-contact' wine, this age old style of wine making, where the grape skins are kept in contact with the wine, are organic, vegan, and contain no added sulfites. We carry three varieties.

Dancing Fern

In recent weeks we added Dancing Fern, from Sequatchie Cove Creamery in Tennessee. On Friday last week it took a third place medal for farmstead cheeses in the American Cheese Society Judging in Pittsburgh. Gourmet Cheese Manager David Phillips says the cheese, made from raw cow's milk, is an American take on the French classic Reblochon. "Its soft and supple texture barnyard aroma, and notes of cultured butter, mushroom, and walnuts have made Dancing Fern a multiple award winner," he says. The cheese comes in a wheel of approximately 1 lb. and cut quarters are kept in protective hinged packages in our grab and go section. Try it with a crusty baguette, a full bodied wine or a malty Belgian-style beer.

Skout Backcountry Protein Bars

Skout Backcountry strives to provide healthy, plant basted protein bars. Many such "healthy" protein bars are packed with preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients. Skout Bars are made from a short list of simple ingredients. In Skout's protein bars you'll find 10 grams of delicious plant-based protein from whole organic pumpkin seeds. Skout retains an unrelenting commitment to sourcing the best ingredients from the best places on earth.

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