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New Items 7/13/2018

Dagoba Chocolate

Inspired Chocolate Empowering Women

While women play an integral role in cocoa production worldwide, women who farm cacao are at greater risk of being undervalued and underrepresented in the cocoa value chain. DAGOBA Organic Chocolate established the One for All Cacao Project in 2016. The mission of the One for All Cacao Project is to strengthen cacao communities by advancing the role of women in cocoa production and entrepreneurship in regions where cacao for DAGOBA Organic Chocolate is grown. Dagoba chocolate is available now at Potash Markets.

Made Good Cookies

Made Good's soft and chewy cookies taste homemade and have kid-appeal baked in. Moist and tender they’re made with real organic ingredients like oats, apples, bananas, chocolate chips and brown sugar. Portion-controlled and portable they’re ideal for school lunch boxes, summer camp, and family road trips and come in four scrumptious flavors including Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Banana.

Sunniva Super Coffee

Sunniva organic Colombian coffee provides 150mg of natural caffeine per bottle—the same amount of an 12oz cup of coffee. The pesticide-free beans preserve healthy anti-oxidants that help your cells stay young and balanced. Organic coffee is never treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Those are not just distasteful, many are toxic and detrimental to human health. They also damage the environment and the people who work and live where conventional coffee is grown. The coffee also has coconut oil added, which are metabolized very quickly, giving you a fast-acting, sustained energy boost without the crash.

Scorpion Silver Mezcal

Scorpion Mezcal, one of the most awarded Mezcals on the market today and a leading brand in the Mezcal category, continues to impress customers the world over with its quality, consistency and great taste. Recognized world wide as ground breaking mezcal and brand, Scorpion Mezcal continues to broaden its distribution and sales to an eager public. And perhaps most importantly, There is a real scorpion in every bottle!

Costa Rica Rain forest Water

Rain Forest Artisan Water is bottled at the source in Campos Lapa Verde. The water is bottled in aluminum bottles to reduce the impact on the environment. A portion of the profits from this water goes toward replanting the Costa Rican rain forest. Already, over 20,000 trees have been funded by this project.

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