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New Items 6/15/2018

Forbidden Root Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen

Strawberry is among the world’s most popular flavors, combining a simple joyful fruitiness with a wild, primal animal nature. To this wheat beer they add strawberries and the cooling flavors of basil, then push it further into the fruity and spicy realm with a classic hefeweizen yeast strain. The result is creamy, fruity and thoughtfully quenching, always leaving you wanting just a little more.

88 East Paloma

Two college friends set out to create the perfect craft cocktails and the GingerHead Moscow Mule was born. Through years of taste testing in their Chicago kitchen, they found that a perfect cocktail starts with high quality ingredients and small batch production. Now, the makers of GingerHead bring you a Paloma, a cocktail made from Tequila, Grapefruit soda, and lime. This Paloma-in-a-can makes for the perfect refresher on a hot summer day. Pickup a pack at Potash Markets today!

Sprout Better Brussel Chips

Move aside kale chips, its time for brussels sprout chips. The world's healthiest superfood is finally made snackable. Available in three delicious flavors: Sea Salt, Parmesan, and Teriyaki. Each bag has a dash of seasoning hand massaged into ten California Brussels sprouts that are then small batch dehydrated. Only 70 calories per serving, this is a delicious, nutrient rich snack, made here in Chicago that even kids will eat!

Biena Chickpea Snacks

Biena prides itself on creating a delicious protein-packed, high-fiber flavored line of chickpeas sourced right here in the USA! Did we mention they are also gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO verified? They must be doing something right, because they've sold over 1 billion chickpeas to date. With flavors such as Rockin' Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion, Dark Chocolate, and Habanero, there is

something for everyone!

Tomer Kosher Beef Sticks

When it comes to healthy snacks, Tomer Kosher keeps it simple. Their sticks are made with 100% chuck beef that is 100% kosher. Then they mix it with spices, and bake it all in a beef casing - unlike other jerkies that use synthetic collagen. No artificial flavors or fillers are used. No dairy, soy, or gluten. Just delicious, 100% kosher beef.

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