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New Cheese Items 4/20/2018

The gourmet cheese department at Potash Markets stocks nearly 200 products including old world standards and new American artisans. We rotate the selection constantly when we find new cheeses and accouterments that we know will delight you, we add them to our portfolio. Recent additions include a renowned English Cheddar that is made in a 60- pound wheel, an American-made Pancetta that can be slicked to order, and cheese curds from a Wisconsin farm cooperative.

Neal’s Yard Dairy, London, is a renowned cheese company that selects and ages traditionally made cheeses from across the UK, ages and sells them in London, and sells them to cheese retailers worldwide. At Potash we have carried a number of Neal’s Yard cheeses and we recently rotated in two new ones: Gubeen, a soft cheese from Ireland, and Montgomery’s Cheddar, a behemoth, cloth bound cheddar that is Neal’s Yard’s top selling cheese. Gubbeen is a washed rind, semi-soft farmstead cheese made in County Cork. Its distinct earthy flavor is due in part to a unique lactic acid producing bacteria, Micro-bacterium gubbeenense, identified in 2001 after an analysis of the cheese and its process. We sell Gubeen for $24.99 per pound. Montgomery’s Cheddar has been made at Manor Farm in Somerset England for three generations. Montgomery’s is Neal’s Yard Dairy’s best-selling clothbound cheddar, and with 16 to 18 months of aging, it is more dry than other clothbounds. The flavors include sweet cream notes, beets, and broth. We sell Montgomery’s for $30.99 per pound.

Pancetta is a totally cured pork belly product that is a like a preserved bacon without the smoke. It adds a deep meaty flavor to soups and other dishes. Potash now carries Rolled Pancetta Americana from La Quercia Cured Meats, Norwalk, Iowa. La Quercia is an award winning company whose pork comes from sustainable producers who treat their animals and their land responsibly. We can cut you a slice from our cut-to-order counter in the deli for $28.99 per pound.

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery is a cheesemaking operation in Ellsworth, Wis. owned and operated by 400 farm families. Ellsworth makes other cheeses, but specializes in fresh curds, that fun simple treat that is sold throughout the dairy state. We have snack-sized 2-oz. bags for $1.29 and 5 oz. bags of Ellsworth Cheddar Cheese Curds​ (plain or ranch flavored) for $2.99. Yes, if you heat them before biting into them, they will squeak!

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