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Meat & Seafood

State Street Head Meat Cutter: 

Frank Thomas

Clark Street Head Meat Cutter:

Greg Robinson


At Potash, we know the difference between a any old steak and an exceptional steak. That’s why we offer our customers Certified Angus Beef USDA Choice, as well as a selection of USDA Prime cuts. The Certified Angus Brand has very high standard, ensuring great flavor, tenderness, and consistency in beef products. Ask our meat experts for cooking tips, recipe ideas, or just thoughts about what to buy.


Potash’s meat counter serves chicken from Gerber’s Amish Farms. This chicken is raised free range, without antibiotics, and is air cooled to provide the freshest tasting, most tender chicken possible. Getting your daily dose of high protein, low fat meat to fit your diet doesn’t mean compromising on flavor.


Come to our fish counter for a selection of fresh fish from all over the world. We get daily deliveries for the freshest possible fish and shellfish. We will also cook any piece of fish to order while you shop. From Chilean Sea Bass to Scottish Salmon, there is always something to intrigue the home cook.

Certifid Angus Beef
amish chicken
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