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    Shopping for artisan cheese should be a wonderful experience, but without some guidance it can be confusing and expensive. At Potash you will find a cheese shop within your favorite grocery store that can help you explore the world of great cheeses in a way that is delightful and delicious.

    During peak shopping hours, samples are offered at our cut-to-order counter. Ask for a taste of any of the cheeses in the case, and our knowledgeable cheesemongers are happy to oblige. We will help you select from nearly 200 products, and guide you in determining the number of cheeses and the amounts that are appropriate for an everyday snack, or for a special occasion. The cheese squad will cut perfect portions from the wheel, or assist you with finding items from our grab-and-go case, stocked each day, and available whenever the store is open.

    With adequate preparation time, the cheese department can also offer custom cheese platters for a simple get-together, full catering packages with Potash Catering, and guided cheese, beer and wine tastings. We work with multiple vendors and buy direct from producers in order to stock more than 100 great cheeses in a rotating selection. Life is too short to live with mediocre cheese, so let us guide you on a cheese lover’s adventure, and you will become a cheese hero with your friends and family. 


    American consumers have long enjoyed traditional cheeses from France, Spain and Italy, and Potash Markets has plenty of those for you, but our selection includes award-winning cheeses from Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon, and even Illinois. In the past couple decades American cheese producers have proliferated in nearly every state, offering products that both reflect old-world traditions and take the cheese experience in exciting new directions.
    Head Cheesemonger David Phillips loves all types of cheese, but especially cheddars. He has curated a collection of artisan cheddars that rivals any other in the Midwest, with more than a dozen available at any given time and up to 30 in seasonal rotation. Each is unique and they come from family owned and farmstead operations. We also offer:

  • Brie and Camembert from France and the U.S.

  • European and American Alpine cheeses including, Comte, Gruyere Tarentaise, and Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

  • A carefully curated selection of blue cheeses including selections from Rogue Creamery, Center Point, Oregon.

  • Several American originals from the outstanding Cellars of Jasper Hill in Vermont.

  • A great assortment of Italian and Wisconsin-made cooking cheeses, including authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano, cut from quarter-wheels and grated fresh in the store several times each week.

  • Jamón Serrano, and other charcuterie including products from Smoking Goose and Underground Meats in Wisconsin and Indiana.

  • Olives, cornichons, gigande beans, and other classic antipasti.

  • Potters crackers and crisps, from Wisconsin.

  • Chicago-made sweets from Katherine Anne Confections.

Upcoming Blue Cheeses

(subject to change)

SEPT:  Bay Blue, Point Reyes Creamery, California

OCT: Blu di Bufala, Lombardy, Italy

NOV: Dunbarton Blue, Roelli Cheese, Wisconsin

DEC:  Rogue River Blue, Rogue Creamery, Oregon

JAN:  Gorgonzola Picante, Italy

FEB:  Stichelton, England

MARCH:  Cashel Blue, Ireland

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