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Our Blog: What's Cooking At Potash Markets

Meet Potash Market’s newest chef, Abel Ramos

September is Fruits & Veggies More Matters Month.

A good burger is always more than the sum of its parts. We recommend trying all of our new specialty ingredients to really make your burger shine. It is the last of the summer harvest and a perfect time to capture all of those timeless moments.

Potash Markets' Chef Abel is a huge burger enthusiast! This one is flavorful and satisfying. He also recommends pairing it with the Elotes Salad from our deli; it packs tons of veggies and flavor into every bite. Grilled farm fresh corn, Nichols Farms cucumbers, and Serrano chiles really turn up the flavor.

A bit about Chef Abel Ramos -- Potash’s Chef de Cuisine

Chef Abel joins us after many years of working and consulting for Potash’s Executive Chef Charlie Baggs and Culinary Director Guy W. Meikle as a sous chef.

After finishing at Kendall College where he achieved an Applied Associates Degree in Science, Culinary Arts, Chef Able launched his professional culinary career working for Charlie Baggs. Abel is an open minded individual whose passion for cooking and creativity leads him to accomplish memorable tasks. It was his desire for excellence that brought him to Chef Baggs where he has further nourished his abilities. After his internship with Chef Baggs, Abel spent a year traveling across Latin America assisting on an intensive revamp of 22 Hard Rock Hotel restaurants. He now works directly for Potash Markets in order to help intensify the Markets’ culinary presence.

More about Chef Abel

  • When not in the kitchen Chef Abel also enjoys working on cars, fixing household items and playing the electric bass guitar. He’s a truly an all around hands-on person!

  • His favorite food: Enchiladas made by mom’s hands, covered in a rich chile rojo and all the essential toppings. Watch for these in the deli revamped Potash Markets hot meal selection.

  • Favorite city to travel to: Niagara Falls, which is by far the best city day and night.

  • Top 3 things we will always find in Abel’s fridge:

    • Watermelon (while in season)

    • Deli meats for a big sandwich

    • Homemade salsa and guacamole

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