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Wine Buyer:

John Reed

    Everyone has been there… Looking for the right beverage to bring to a party, dinner, or just have after a long day. Let Potash help you find the perfect thing. We carry wines from every corner of the earth, the best beers on the planet, and every kind of distilled spirit. Take time to speak with our knowledgeable staff or just start exploring all of the options available to you.



    We try to have everything in the beer department! Find crushable macro beers by the case or unique craft brews in every conceivable format. Our beer department has a very strong focus on 2 things; locally produced beers and always having something new. We guarantee that there will be new beers every week.  Also keep your ear to the social media for meet the brewer events and tastings.


    Old world premier crus? Crisp vinho verde? Maybe a cult collector wine that you can show off? We got them. We work hard to carry the best wine and to find wines that you will not see anywhere else. We send our wine personnel all over the world to make sure they are worthy and capable of feilding your questions and helping you find the perfect wine for any occasion.



    Potash spirits department has what you need to make any drink imaginable. Scotches old enough to buy their own scotch, and hundred year old cognacs call this store home. Along with every other kind of distilled libation, including all the weird ones that you can’t even pronounce (we will help). Learn to make your new favorite cocktail here.

"Very posh, upscale urban market with an unbelievable wine and liquor selection"


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