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New Item Spotlight 6/19/2019

New Offerings from 88 East

88 East is redefining the Ready-to-Drink market with its canned cocktails with a new set of offerings: the Retro & Lush Amaretto Sour, Smoke & Fire Mezcal Margarita (the first ever of its kind!), Dazed and Watermelon Vodka, and Friskey Whiskey Lemonade. These are being offered in addition to their Dia De La Palomas and Gingerhead Vodka Mules we have carried for some time now. Look out for them in our Ready-to-Drink cocktail section now!

Wisconsin Meadows 100% Grass Fed Beef

Potash on State Street is offering a new line of 100% grass fed beef. Wisconsin Meadows is owned by farmers all across the state of Wisconsin. Their cattle are humanely raised, given access to the outdoors their whole lives, and are fed on rotational grazing, and never in feed lots. Calves stay with their mothers, allowing the cattle to live natural social lives. This low stress way of raising the beef creates a better product, Grass fed beef is better for you too. Choose Wisconsin Meadows beef next time for a more sustainable option for steaks and ground beef.

Loma Linda

Plant based, high protein meals are now easier than ever. Loma Linda is a line of sustainable plant based vegan replacement foods. From tuna to Italian Bolognese Pasta, Loma is making it a cleaner vegan diet as convenient as can be. With meat prices on the rise, Potash hopes to bring more and more vegan options to our stores to allow vegans to get much needed protein from as many sources as possible.

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