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Specialty Coffee offerings at Potash Market

At Potash Market, we’ve expanded our coffee section, bringing you a wide selection of gourmet and independent coffee roasters. We’d like to highlight a few of our favorites

Sumptown Coffee Roasters

Sumptown Coffee Roasters strives to make the best tasting coffee possible. All of their coffee is non-GMO, contains no flavorings, and is roasted to medium roast perfection. Their coffee comes as whole beans, preserving its freshness as much as possible. Their menu rotates seasonally. They may not have your favorite region’s beans on the menu when you want it, but that goes to show how dedicated they are to giving you a fresh product: their coffee is sold with a sell by date of only 90 days, guaranteeing freshness when you buy it.

Noble Coffee & Tea

Noble Coffee & Tea, established in 1996, is one of Indiana's oldest specialty coffee roasters. Located on downtown Noblesville's historic square, Mark and Robyn Littler operate a charming cafe and roastery with plenty of seating for meetings, events or just catching up with friends. As far as roasting, sustainability is key, prompting them to source green coffees that support local farmers and their economies. Coffees are then roasted in small batches and focus on quality, consistency and character. Customers love the variety they offer, too. At any given time, they have over 3 dozen different blends, single origins, flavored and decaf coffees.

Potash now carries nine varieties of their packaged coffee beans. To welcome them into our coffee section, all varieties are offered at 20% off for the duration of this sale.

Grounds and Hounds

Ground and Hounds came out of an effort to address the two million dogs euthanized every year in this country. Their mission is to make great coffee and support our best four legged friends. To this end, 20% of all profits from Grounds and Hounds goes to animal rescue programs all over the country. Their coffee is made in small batches, 100% Arabica beans, sourced from all over the world. You can be sure that your purchase of this coffee goes to helping animals. We currently carry three varieties of their coffee at Potash, and hope you will help us support their cause by trying some of their delicious coffee today.

Potash Market on State also now has a selection of gourmet coffees, sold in bulk, from Metropolis, Dark Matter, Passion House, and Metric Coffee.

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