The Best Halloween Beer, Wine and Cider

By Potash Markets on October 12, 2015

With Halloween only a few weeks away, Potash Markets is here to get you into the Halloween spirit with a few brands of beer, wine and hard cider made especially for this spooky season.

Whether you’re planning a big party or just want to celebrate with a few friends, these seasonal brews are sure to add a festival touch to any Halloween party. And the best part? Most of these brands of beer, wine and hard cider are made right here in the Midwest!

Ichabod Beer, New Holland Brewing Company

The label on this brew from New Holland, Mich., which depicts the famous Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow, is enough to scare away small children. Luckily, the beer is inviting. Made with malted barley, real cinnamon and nutmeg, this sweet beer goes well with roasted poultry, root vegetables, peanut sauce or your favorite dessert.

Pumpkin Lager, Lakefront Brewery

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin, and Lakefront Brewery's Pumpkin Lager uses real pumpkin and a blend of spices from The Spice House to make a beer that’s deep and rich. You’ll taste flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, candied yams, and toffee. Brewed in Milwaukee, this special lager is available only in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Halloween Wine, Illinois River Winery

Made in downstage Utica, IL, from fermented honey crisp apples, this wine is best served hot so you can really savor the notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. As the company quips on its website, Halloween wine is “not for sale to Transylvania during the full moon.”

J.K.’s Scrumpy Hard Cider

J.K.’s Scrumpy Hard Cider has been made at the Almar Orchard in Flushing, MI, since the 1850s. J.K. stands for the owner – Jim Koan – and scrumpy is a term for farmhouse cider native to southern England. Made with just two ingredients – organic apples and yeast – this homemade cider tastes great either hot or cold.

Tieton Hard Cider

The only non-local drink in our roundup, Tieton Hard Cider is brewed by Tieton Cider Works in Tieton, WA, and made with a blend of American, English and French cider apples and Washington-grown dessert apples to create the right balance of sweetness and acidity. Available in several different flavors, this cider is best served cold and each type can work with different dishes. The apricot cider, for example, would be great on its own or with soft or blue cheese.


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