People of Potash Spotlight: Thomas Perry

By Potash Markets on February 10, 2015

Thomas Perry -- Head of Cheese & Specialty at Potash Markets

thomas-cheeseA traveller, cook, graphic designer, cheesemonger, and cheese maker, Thomas has varied experiences and has compiled a range of interests that have somehow come together to make an interesting life and career.


He's happy to prattle on about a number of topics, if you'd like him to, but his favorite is cheese and the stories behind them. What Thomas loves most is finding the more unusual pairings and making them work. A native New Englander, he just wants to share his love of good food with the good people of Chicago.


Before moving to Providence and learning the bulk of his craft at Farmstead, Thomas began his career at Formaggio Kitchen in Boston. From there, he went on to become assistant cheesemaker and head cheesemonger for Cato Corner Farm in Connecticut.

He has built the cheese program at Potash Markets from humble beginnings to its current state with the help of Yahn Van De Walle. He has competed two times at the Cheesemonger Invitational in New York City and just this past January in San Francisco.

More about Thomas:

When not waxing poetic about fermented curd, he can be found at home with his fiancĂ©e and 2 dogs watching movies.

For more information about Thomas, follow him on Twitter @thomasthemonger.
Join Thomas for Cheese Happy Hour, every Tuesday at State St.
See our events page for more details. 

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